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Starting Anew

Smiling no matter what. Life is often funny. If you do not see the humor that is the never-ending cycle of what your life is or the life around you then you are truly missing out on a lot of things. I've grown so much through the years. Especially when I hit my 40's. So… Continue reading Starting Anew

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Countdown to Valentines Day

Let's remember It is the end of January and we have survived the start of "cupping" season. If you are not aware of that term means, please allow me to explain. When you are trying to find a love match during the holidays so your family doesn't think you are going to end up alone… Continue reading Countdown to Valentines Day

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Being Single, Acceptance, and Distance

I am learning to smile more....gotta work on that Since I’ve not heard from the last guy in about 3 weeks, it falls under the category of “He’s just not that into you...Anymore” kind of mindset. It’s something I’m all to familiar with. Now that I’m feeling and finding myself personally it’s definitely apparent that… Continue reading Being Single, Acceptance, and Distance