Funny thoughts

Emotional Needs

Sometimes this all one needs When you are single what is the one thing you miss? Is it knowing you have someone around, is it the adorable ways you two communicate, or is it all just about the intimacy of everything that comes with being a relationship with someone. If you have been following this… Continue reading Emotional Needs

Real Life


Just be there Sitting here in the airport waiting to board to go home I have little daydreaming moments that someone I want will be at the airport to pick me up and he will be happy to see me, but then again reality sets in. Not a priority behind is everyday life, even though… Continue reading Why….why?

Real Life


Just love it’s simple & complicated How do people make falling in love look so easy? Ever wonder about that? I know I do. We are not perfect people, but man when your single it SUCKS especially for women. Men not so much. When two people meet things just mesh well, right? Isn’t that how… Continue reading Why…