Real Life


Just be there Sitting here in the airport waiting to board to go home I have little daydreaming moments that someone I want will be at the airport to pick me up and he will be happy to see me, but then again reality sets in. Not a priority behind is everyday life, even though… Continue reading Why….why?


Being too Much is Bad

Me demanding? Uh…. I had a conversation with my cousin last night and she has informed me that I am too demanding. I expect too much from a guy because deep down inside myself I demand too much from myself as a woman, especially an educated woman. I am wondering why that is? She said… Continue reading Being too Much is Bad

Funny thoughts

Being Single, Acceptance, and Distance

I am learning to smile more....gotta work on that Since I’ve not heard from the last guy in about 3 weeks, it falls under the category of “He’s just not that into you...Anymore” kind of mindset. It’s something I’m all to familiar with. Now that I’m feeling and finding myself personally it’s definitely apparent that… Continue reading Being Single, Acceptance, and Distance

Funny thoughts

Letting Go, No Anger, Pain, but Kindness. Desire for REAL LOVE…

Letting Go....Deserve and Want LOVE Ever think that when something ends you’re supposed to have some pain and heartache, right? Now if you don’t have those feelings it could mean a few things. One you were just not connecting with that individual at all, and two it was one of those relationships that worked itself… Continue reading Letting Go, No Anger, Pain, but Kindness. Desire for REAL LOVE…