Looking back at things in my life I see where I've made improvements, changes, and being able to let go or realize that you've been given a special gift. Do you ever wonder if a former lover in your past thinks of you? Naturally you hope its that one that was the best one you've… Continue reading Reflections…

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Outside Influences

So I've recently realized that there are a lot of people who can cause a lot of drama on their own and eventually bring that into a relationship that is between two people. I've never once had that situation before in my life until recently. It is a whole new sensation, and really experience. I… Continue reading Outside Influences

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Relationship Depression…one has it, the other doesn’t.

What do you do with your relationship when one of you has depression? Do you leave that person alone to deal with it? Do you try to help them get through it? Do you help them find someone to talk to while they work through it all? When you are not the problem of their… Continue reading Relationship Depression…one has it, the other doesn’t.