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Reflection……again x4

Do you ever look at your life and see all the good and all the bad? I mean really take stock and inventory of who you are as a person, and where you went wrong in all areas of your life? Do you mark those as life lessons or reasons to make changes so that… Continue reading Reflection……again x4


Men Falling in Love

I just read an interesting article about men and how they fall in love especially if they are "Nice Guys". It was talking about how men who are the nice ones actually fall in love in so many different ways, either too fast, too hard, and or comes with relationship baggage that they have not… Continue reading Men Falling in Love

Real Life · Relationships

Relationship Depression…one has it, the other doesn’t.

What do you do with your relationship when one of you has depression? Do you leave that person alone to deal with it? Do you try to help them get through it? Do you help them find someone to talk to while they work through it all? When you are not the problem of their… Continue reading Relationship Depression…one has it, the other doesn’t.