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Relationship Depression…one has it, the other doesn’t.

What do you do with your relationship when one of you has depression? Do you leave that person alone to deal with it? Do you try to help them get through it? Do you help them find someone to talk to while they work through it all? When you are not the problem of their… Continue reading Relationship Depression…one has it, the other doesn’t.


Relationship loneliness…is it a thing?

When you are in a relationship the one thing you want from your person is to be present, right? To have some form of communication and acknowledgement. I often wonder about this idea when it comes to couples who are expecting the moon and more from their partner. I can say I am a bit… Continue reading Relationship loneliness…is it a thing?

Real Life · Relationships

Relationship Balances……Is it possible?

I was recently watching a video of the relationship advice guy, Matthew Hussey. When he talks to women about how men are, and it all makes sense. I recommend him completely. The most recent video I watched, while at home under the covers and a ton of tissue paper around me, was about finding that… Continue reading Relationship Balances……Is it possible?