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Communication Struggle..Why?

Why is this an issue with us? They say communication is the key to a great relationship. I swear this is where I struggle. For some reason this is the biggest weakness that I can never get through to anyone. Anyone struggle with this situation? I’m sure I’m not the only one who have this… Continue reading Communication Struggle..Why?


Looking Past Loves Faults

My dream life I have been thinking instead of being so hurt and angry with love, and not having love in my life. Maybe it’s time to move past all of that and to look past Loves issues. Apparently it really isn’t me, it’s Loves issues and he fails to even accept or acknowledge anything… Continue reading Looking Past Loves Faults

Real Life · Relationships

Judgmental Relationships: Them or In our Head?

Do you ever think about your past relationships? Do you sit back and wonder if they were ever judging you based on what you have not done like them? Like if they had lived your life they would have done things differently, why didn't you do it like this or like that? I sometimes think… Continue reading Judgmental Relationships: Them or In our Head?