Relationship loneliness…is it a thing?

When you are in a relationship the one thing you want from your person is to be present, right? To have some form of communication and acknowledgement. I often wonder about this idea when it comes to couples who are expecting the moon and more from their partner. I can say I am a bit… Continue reading Relationship loneliness…is it a thing?


Face Value

Do you read Tarot Cards? Do you speak with someone who knows how to read them? I never used to growing up, but I found one who knows how to explain them, and really bring the positivity to the reading so I can make sure that it is a good reading and not anything negative.… Continue reading Face Value

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Relationship Balances……Is it possible?

I was recently watching a video of the relationship advice guy, Matthew Hussey. When he talks to women about how men are, and it all makes sense. I recommend him completely. The most recent video I watched, while at home under the covers and a ton of tissue paper around me, was about finding that… Continue reading Relationship Balances……Is it possible?