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Heartache and Disappointment

How much more? You often know as you get older that you will constantly deal with some form of disappointment and heartache. The problem is sometimes you just never see it, don’t want to acknowledge it, or even at times accept it. Why do we lean or keep things in our lives that bring us… Continue reading Heartache and Disappointment

Real Life · Relationships

Happiness and Sadness together.

I’m sad, but happy for everyone else. I love seeing my friends happy and their lives fulfilled, but when it comes to my life and the hurt in my life it’s just something I have to bury deep in something or some where that will never see the light of day. My life is full… Continue reading Happiness and Sadness together.

Real Life


Just love it’s simple & complicated How do people make falling in love look so easy? Ever wonder about that? I know I do. We are not perfect people, but man when your single it SUCKS especially for women. Men not so much. When two people meet things just mesh well, right? Isn’t that how… Continue reading Why…