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Happiness….is it possible?

I often think only lucky people were happy, that their lives made so much sense, and the rest of us were just suckers for darkness. I can tell you now that is all a lie! I was so miserable in 2018, I mean my life sucked, and working for a company that was just horrible,… Continue reading Happiness….is it possible?

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Happy New Year….New You or New Life?

Happy New Year to all my amazing followers! I am so glad you have been on this amazing up and down journey of my life. I hope that you all have enjoyed what I've written, some have been amazing as posting comments and hitting that like button. If you have any friends that would be… Continue reading Happy New Year….New You or New Life?

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Relationship Balances……Is it possible?

I was recently watching a video of the relationship advice guy, Matthew Hussey. When he talks to women about how men are, and it all makes sense. I recommend him completely. The most recent video I watched, while at home under the covers and a ton of tissue paper around me, was about finding that… Continue reading Relationship Balances……Is it possible?