Real Life

Sleep and Dreams. Make sense, please.

Sleep. The most important thing you need for your mental and overall health. Many people take this task for granted. I on the other hand love sleep more than the average person should. I have zero problems lying in bed, watching TV, reading a book, eating, and more.

Many people say it is my nature, but also the nature of my astrological sign. I’m a Pisces. A happy little fish that swims to her own beat. She avoids a lot of mess that is not her own doing and thrives on some form of love. Love, real love is something that this fish has always struggled with.

Lately, I’ve been having some strange, deeply scary dreams. I’m not sure what they are trying to tell me but I worry about them. I see people’s faces that I have no idea who they are or faces that I’ve seen on TV, or faces of people I know the hardest part is the faces of people who are from my past that should not be in my dreams at all. I’ve woken up a few times wondering where in the hell I am trying to catch my breath. I will get up and get a drink of water trying to slow my heart rate down, but it still scares me.

Sometimes my dreams will show me things that I know deep down I’m not missing or never wanted in my life. One example is a baby. For some reason, a peaceful dream started with no major issues, but somewhere in that dream it went dark and showed me pregnant with some man’s baby I have no clue who he is or why he was in my life.

What I often do not understand when these dreams come to play at night. When I am alone I sometimes have some really good dreams. It shows that I have hit my rem sleep cycle and I’m so at peace. Sometimes I don’t dream at all. Often times it can depend on how tired I am that I can sleep, wake up and eventually go back to sleep with no interruptions. I sometimes wonder if my dreams have been affected by the pain meds I’ve had to take because of surgery on my hand. Why would these dreams come now? The most recent dream I had was as if I was living a life in the show, “True Blood”. It is a totally made-up show and all the characters are imaginary, but why. My mind wasn’t my own in that dream. I had images of the vampire “Eric” and the werewolf “Alcide”. It was the craziest and yet the sexiest dream I’ve had in a long time. It was so hard to wake up in the morning.

When I sleep next to my special friend I don’t have dreams. I’m so tired and wreaked in a good way that my body turns into a liquid slime that I get to have some peaceful sleep sometimes. It isn’t his fault, he is a heavy sleeper. I am a creature of habit and I love my six pillows around me with two different blankets, windows open, and fan blowing. The best part of being next to him, is I know I’m protected no matter what. That’s why these dreams from the past few nights have had my mind racing.

Again, sleep and I are in a complicated love affair. It is a-real love, but as everything else in my life is always complicated it’s sometimes funny because all I can do is laugh about the crazy things that pop out of my head.

Sweet dreams my readers.