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Countdown to Valentines Day

Let’s remember

It is the end of January and we have survived the start of “cupping” season. If you are not aware of that term means, please allow me to explain. When you are trying to find a love match during the holidays so your family doesn’t think you are going to end up alone watching sad movies, drinking your fourth bottle of wine, and wanting to take all those stupid relationship pictures.

Okay, maybe that is a bit excessive, but I am sure you get the point. Dating to not be alone during the holidays is what cupping season is all about. Why do that because the goal for most people is to end the relationship right before Valentine’s Day, maybe your birthday because they have already met your family, so that annual quota has been met.

Honestly I am the worst person to talk about Valentine’s Day. The only thing that particular day reminds me of is a super chubby baby with wings from Greek mythology and the need to shoot arrows in peoples butts. He’s not the best judge of character (trust me, little fat bastard messed me up a few times), but when you’ve studied history like I have, my way only makes sense. Well it does for me. Hint my pure disdain for the month of February, the entire month dedicated to “love” or maybe that one time of year just brings way too many horrible memories back. Ah, nothing like remembering how shitty so many of your failed relationships have ruined your ideas of love, or the idea that you deserve to be loved.

I find the idea of Valentine’s Day ridiculous as a whole. I guess it is because I am cynical and traumatized by the fact that I am getting closer and closer to 41 years, and I’ve never truly been in love. Never experienced a light weight kind of love, no stress, no drama, just knowing it is there. All my relationships in the past involved me being cheated on, lied to, and or broken up with.

Yeah, memories on all of them. This is when the relationships depression, hate filled rage, and also the need to punch someone (anyone) in the balls really hard. I mean really hard.

In the past my relationships a few of them have never really given me the idea that romance is real. I’d get flowers from the first boyfriend as he was just heading out to training camp. Then the second guy never once had money to make that day special at all. I was always the person who did and planned everything to the point of being tired of it all. The last relationship had to have been the one that broke me open to ever wanting to be apart of anything Valentine’s Day related. I mean it’s at the point where I can see that day burn to the ground and never recover.

I am thinking of making my own Valentine’s Day kind of thing where I make it a second Thanksgiving for anyone who is single, they can come over to my place and enjoy a great dinner.

Let me know what you guys think of this stupid day. Does it make you happy? Sad? Frustrated? What? I’d love to know.