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Wanting to feel worthy

When does this feeling change?

How does one start to feel worthy? Worthy of their lives, worthy of their family, friends, and worthy of finding love?

I’ve seen too many times where I beat myself up in so many ways. The goal has been to stop beating myself up over and over again for things I’ve tried to hard to change, improve, and also things I can’t change because of a lifetime of pain. How does one develop a sense of worthiness to others or to themselves? Are you born with it? Are you given that one by your parents? Who? What? When?

Looking at myself and my life I’m not sure I’m worthy of certain things. I know I deserve them, especially my new career, my new home life that is all my own, but when it comes to love this is where I struggle the most. I try not to see validation from men, even though that was 100% what I was taught by my father, but financial validation from men from my mother. Her old ways still have some affect on me even now.

As I am trying to figure myself out, what I want to know is when will I feel like I’m worthy to have a love life? When will it happen for me? Often times it happens when I “least” expect it, but the problem is I’m finding that I’m forcing a connection with someone. I did that with my ex number 2, can’t remember if I did with ex number 1, but honestly ex number 3, our connection could be seen, smelled, tasted, and felt by others. Everyone knew what was going on. I knew it, he just didn’t want to know it.

Why do I feel so worthless? How do I stop telling myself that I’m not worthless, that I am worthy of happiness, love, excitement, connection, and peace.

If anyone can tell me this is greatly appreciate it. Let me know how you manage your Worthiness in the world.