My Relationship Goals

Outsiders not needed, just us doing it our way

I always write about wanting to be in love and be in a relationship, but in my own way. I am wondering if it’s even possible.

I recently read an article, “We’ve been together 23 years and never lived together. Here’s why it works.” By Sharon Hyman. It was an interesting read because she knows she’s got a very non traditional relationship lifestyle. They are happy, committed, and live separately. They wouldn’t change anything because they know they can rely on each other when it matters most.

I recommend people look it up and read it. I guess I point that out because after reading about them, their relationship life is exactly what I am looking for and needing. I think it might be too much for a guy to understand because it does go against so much of what society tells us is normal.

I realize that I would love to be in love with someone, but I at 40 years old and so much relationship heartbreak from really hurtful failures. I know right now I will be taking a break from looking or wanting anyone in my life, but eventually I’m sure I’ll meet someone who’s right for me, I just know right now is not the time.

Does this sound strange? I know it will to everyone, but honestly since I am not looking for anything right now it’s easier for me to remain single until I know I am truly ready for someone to be in my life. I just need to be real with him when the time comes. I’ve lived with people too much in my life and I’m over it.

Tell me what you guys think.