Looking for Love…What is it?

I look at my life and often wonder do I really know what love is? What real love is? I know we often talk about that, “Can’t eat, can’t sleep, world series” kind of feeling that was described in a movie once, but when you watch movies, read books, and see other couples around you often start to wonder if you’ve missed the real meaning of love entirely. I am starting to think that I don’t know love at all.

With all my experience with me, being able to flirt, joke, and sleep with them (respectfully) I can do that. It was what I was taught, but to truly be in love with someone it’s something I have never experienced. It got me thinking, What is love, really? What does it mean? What is it all about? How does it work? How do you know you’ve found it when it finally shows up?

I always see men who fall all over their wives or girlfriends (whatever status they are in) I mean not only holding her hand constantly, but carrying whatever bag she has or making sure her coffee is correct, even knowing what to make her or order for her when the time comes. I’ve only known one of those experiences, my coffee.

I’m not a materialistic love, I am an emotional/physical kind of love. I want to be held daily after work, kissed as often as possible, I want sex as often as I can, wherever we can do it, appreciated when I have nothing to say, same when I do have something to say. I need someone who will watch over me to make sure I am taking my time for things that need my full attention, but also knows when I need a break and how to distract me.

I guess I am back on that road of my life to figure this out. Maybe that is where I am going wrong. I think or thought I knew what love was or was, but in reality I have no clue at all.

Let me know what you think? What is your opinion about your knowledge of love, the meaning, the understanding, and just overall life experiences.