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Enough is Enough

I know I’ve hit a wall in my life where I am getting so frustrated with men and their constant need to flirt. I have zero problems flirting with men who are 100% single, but if you are in a relationship at the start, middle, or even towards the end, and also married please don’t text me. Don’t message me, don’t nothing! I am so sick of just being an object of whatever desires they have, need, or are frustrated that they aren’t getting at home.

I always tell them their sexual frustrations are not my problems, not my issues. I actually had one guy tell me that he has an image in his mind of my FWB and I having sex and he can only imagine how my facial expressions look when I am being intimate with my FWB. When he said that to me, I literally had to stop in my tracks, look at the phone and just stop responding to him.

He also made several other comments in the past that I have been able to just respond with funny jokes, but I swear another guy friend of mine who is married is always trying to get me to “cuddle” with him because he and his wife have an open marriage policy. Well I’m sorry friend, but I don’t believe in an any open marriage policies out there. Just because I’m 100% single does not mean I am trying to be like that or live like that.

This life of mine when it comes to relationships is getting to the point of being a joke. A hurtful joke, but a joke. I am not sure why so many men who are in committed relationships, way too many red flags like my father all want to be involved with me. When did making someone want to be apart of your life become a life’s mission to make them a walking joke become a thing? I just can’t seem to understand.

My heart and head, mainly my heart can’t take much more of this crap anymore. I know I’m mentally, emotionally, financially, not stable. Like I understand it completely, but honestly I am trying to make those changes and unfortunately I live with someone who is a horrible narcissistic human being that needs to be checked mentally and emotionally. I’m tired of always trying to make these men see their faults in the mirror. I deserve to be loved in a way I don’t need to doubt them or make any other man doubt where my loyalties lie.

I’m 40 and I am just so tired of this crap. I really am done. Let me know what you all think? Have you reached your breaking point?