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Staying Single….

Uh…excuse me!?

I’ve done some serious reflection of myself and my issues when it comes to me, my life, and my mental health. I found that I’m starting to be un phased by the knowledge that I will be single for the rest of my life.

I have no clue how love works, what it should look like or how it should even be. My introduction to the ideas of love have been completely a painful cluster f*ck of lessons. One I pray no one ever has to go through.

This pandemic hit at probably the best time for me because it made me do some serious deep thinking and also the evolution of my education and work experiences helped me out with all of this. Funny how all of that works out, right?

I am sure I’m missing out on something, but for now my life is a total mess and I’m always super busy. Does anyone else feel like this?

I also tend to think that those feeling has been brought on by the fact that I have struggled for far too long to keep any man interested, happy, wanting me, or giving him the ideas of wanting to be with me forever. Not sure why or how I can do that, but I do. It’s called ignoring the red flags, that deep feeling in the pit of your Stomach that is just screaming at you to run away, don’t pass go, don’t collect that $200.00!

I am sure one day my life will change, it already has, but it can only get better…I hope.

Does anyone feel like this? What have you decided for your life? Does it include someone or you just stay single without all the pets? I just have one cat and I don’t want anymore when he leaves me.