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The JLo love effect

Definitely a method to the madness

We all know celebrities tend to go from one relationship to another. It’s just part of the business. No one has perfected it quiet like Ms. Jennifer Lopez. I always thought Elizabeth Taylor was OG when it came to men, but this chica has it down! Makes you wonder what it’s all about, right?

My cousins recently pointed out how often JLo would be reaching for ARod’s affections, attentions, or anything when you look at the pictures that are being posted. You see her being the one initiating the holding of the hands, the kisses, the walking in front of him. Now that she is back with Ben Affleck things are different. He is the one who initiates the kisses, puts her in front of him, walks side by side, and more.

Is there two sides to every relationship? I often wonder because I’m all about the guy initiating what he wants from me. I want to hear him say exactly what he thinks, feels, wants and needs. As for the affectionate side I’d love to have that! Wow! I mean a guy who isn’t afraid to let people know that I’m his woman, that he’s appreciative of me, knows I struggle with things, but be proud to tell the world that this is us and no one is going to break us.

I am also missing the romantic side of things. Maybe that falls under the emotionally available balance of a man. I’d love to get flowers for no reason or maybe a big reason. I’d love to get pictures taken together. I’d love to see our progression through the years like I see in other people. Maybe that it the element I am missing.

I can see why she is looking for something. I just wish she could live a life single for a while too. I’ve done it, we’ve all done it.

Let me know what you think. Are you satisfied with your relationship life? Do you wish you had more? Is there something you are missing?