Make me…

So many ways

When you are in a relationship it’s different for everyone, but what I realized is I want passion, fire. I want him to want me, to see how much I love and trust him.

The man I desire, I want you to want me. I know you don’t need me, but want me. I want you to bound me to you in our own way. I want you to make me ache for you in many ways.

How would it make you feel inside to know that I want you to push my buttons in a good, positive way, but in a way that makes sure that I stay hooked on you and you only. As they say you want to make sure “I burn for you” and that fire stays lit.

Push me up against the wall, kiss me like crazy, take my breath away as you run your lips down my neck. Press you fingers deep into my hips, make sure I know I can feel your excitement for me. Tell me that I am yours, I don’t need to look for anything else or have the desire to walk away.

I want you….for now in my heart I want you. Your personality keeps me calm. Gives me a sense of knowing that I’ve done one thing right in my life. Let me help you move past your trust and relationship issues. Maybe then I’ll be able to walk away when the time comes.

Like so many things in life, it ends. Things in my life always ends. I’m used to it, but when the passion dies for us, we both need to see it and own it.

I want to be able to climb on you, move your hands on my body. I want to slide myself into you when I desire it. Run my finger nails down your skin, trying to do my best to leave my marks because we both know you are so good at bringing all kinds of pleasure to the both of us.

Let me know if my wanting you is one sided. If it is then somethings got to give.