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Communication Struggle..Why?

Why is this an issue with us?

They say communication is the key to a great relationship. I swear this is where I struggle. For some reason this is the biggest weakness that I can never get through to anyone.

Anyone struggle with this situation? I’m sure I’m not the only one who have this issue. Why? How do you break through this situation? Is it possible to have someone who’s so closed off, so distant, so dismissive of you to want to include you in their life?

How do women do that? Get men to open up and talk to them? Includes them in whatever is going on? Has zero problems texting back, or even apologizes for not responding right away. If you get this it’s obvious this is one thing I am super jealous about you and your “perfect” relationship.

I am also dealing with a a HUGE amount of jealousy. I see friends who are good people, super supportive and just over all good people. They have love in their lives. They have someone who wants to spend time with them, someone who TALKS TO THEM and doesn’t make them feel like they are a total intrusion in their lives. That ugly green monster of jealousy is alive and present and it’s frustrating. It hurts my heart and head.

I guess communication isn’t the only thing I struggle with. Just trying to be happy and supportive of people in my life who have their person. The person who makes them happy, tells them things, includes them in their lives, invests in them. God I’m going to be alone forever! I might as well admit it now.

What do you guys think? Let me know.