Looking Past Loves Faults

My dream life

I have been thinking instead of being so hurt and angry with love, and not having love in my life. Maybe it’s time to move past all of that and to look past Loves issues. Apparently it really isn’t me, it’s Loves issues and he fails to even accept or acknowledge anything wrong.

I am looking over at the men that have been in my life. The men who I’ve given my heart to without them asking for it. I know bad habit, but maybe I’ve put too much emphasis on what I think love is.

Love should be tender at times, but honest as well. Love needs to be real, but not cause deep cuts. Unfortunately we do that to each other with the way we treat one another. I’m starting to feel like I’d be happy in a love where I am accepting of the person like he is of me. Do I want deep passion and connection? Yes, but at what cost now? You do get tired of being single and so many men missing the mark. What about a man who’s soul is so beautiful that even he forgets, who you can make smile, and eyes roll all at the same time? LOL!!

Shouldn’t love be simple? Could love ever be simple? Is it is who complicate it? I just want to experience having a life with someone even if we never share a home together, in the same state (but a reasonable distance), and are just supportive of each other. We know we can go out and live our lives, but know that no matter what we have someone in our corner who is always there for us no matter what. Isn’t that the best feeling in the world? Does that give you a moment to rethink of what love is or maybe what love could be.

Let me know what you think. It would be helpful to get another’s perspective on love. ❤️