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What it’s All About

It’s supposed to be this natural

I’ve been thinking about how evolution of a relationship is supposed to be. I am pretty sure I still have it wrong, but indulge me.

Boy and Girl meet, one or both find each other attractive and interesting. They talk, go out, get to know each other. Time moves forward for being intimate, and then they want to spend time together to see how their lives would be to in the future.

Now I may have, no wait I KNOW I’ve failed in this so many time, but the fact that I know I have is what’s crazy. You’d think when you tell the universe that, “Hey, I’m sorry I keep messing this stuff up. I will try to not to do that next time.” It will be believe you. In my case not so much.

I throw hints, issues, and more to show that I am a loving human being. I care about the person I want to be with. I don’t want to take over his life, just be apart of it, to be included in things. Why is it difficult? Maybe it is really me. I don’t think I come off as “needy” or looking for my “Prince Charming” because we all know being “needy” for me comes free. I just want to know what’s going on, and be next to you. As for “Prince Charming” uh, he’s actually married in real life so that’s not going to happen.

How long does it take to be that successful single woman, so be standing there kissing someone that is committed to you, until you finally get to that point of, yeah we are in this together. I’d really love to know because it’s obvious that I’m getting the short end of the stick on this one.

I tell myself, “If he truly misses me, he’d say and do something about it.” Like man up, step up everything and talk to me, throw his arms around me and tell me, “You are more than enough. I’m yours.” I’d probably melt so quick that I wouldn’t know what to say or think at that moment except to kiss him like crazy and try to crawl into his skin just so I can have his warmth, and his arms around me, his body next to me. Yeah, it’s that deep.

What do you guys think? Let me know.