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Understanding your worth

When you are worth something…You hope

Ever wonder why when you find the right guy who fits you, your personality, and calms you down mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. What is it about them that will not commit to you?

I know I can find a f*k “boy” whenever I need one, then again I remind myself that there is a new breed of F*k Men over the age of 40, that are living a new type of life that they didn’t live in their 20’s, then again they also probably have never grown up.

Squirrel….I wonder why we question our worth for someone all the time? Maybe because I do it all the time. It’s a bad habit that I personally have because it’s a sense of comparison to other women who look like me in ways and they are happily in love with their partner, and that person is devoted to them and their needs.

I know I’m a handful, needy, yet independent all at the same time. I struggle financially and make mistakes, but I own them and work my way through them daily and still survive. I take care of myself. I know when things calm down about this pandemic I’ll get back to working out, and still working my two jobs, and finishing school.

Do you guys think about this? Like honestly sit back and wonder WTF is going on with you and the cosmos to keep your “person” from you? Like what’s up with that? Maybe you don’t have a “person” and you are just meant to stay with the life you have and keep that “F*k person” around no matter how frustrating it gets because you know for a fact that you could love that person better than they truly deserve, and have the patience for them when it is truly needed.

As you can see this is something that truly bugs me to no end. I don’t understand how or why being single for the rest of my life has been bestowed upon me, when I see others happy with their person no matter the situation.

Am I crazy to think like this? I mean I’m aware I’m crazy to an extent, but seriously crazy to see this happen out in the world. Let me know.