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Not Envious, but Annoyed!

Ugh….go away

Okay, I try so hard to not be annoyed with “newly” engaged people, but honestly why do they make single people feel like they are worthless individuals? I mean they accept people who have been divorced into their circles because they understand what it means to plan a wedding, and deal with the after effects once the idea of the wedding day goes away, but then again being divorced they also understand the crap that goes into the breakdown of a marriage.

Being single is hard enough in society. So many people look down at you because they don’t understand how to why you could be single. I usually or OFTEN give a really sarcastic response, “I’ve damaged too many cars.” (I’ve never done that, but it sounds funny and their reactions are the best). Now the other response is because, “I’m too much for any normal man to handle.” Naturally they give me a strange look because of course they don’t know me, and plus I’m such a sarcastic person who loves to be mean at the same time I am being nice and funny.

A teacher just got engaged last weekend, and she had to share with everyone. When I told her congratulations, she just smiled at me, holding her hand out to show the ring off, tilting her head, smiled, and said, “Oh thank you Miss. P.” I just smiled at her and she asked me, “Do you have a boyfriend? Will he propose?” Thankfully there were no students around, I told her, “Oh I’ve got a special friend, but we are good the way we are.” she just looks at me with this strange look, “So then that is a no because he would have wanted to marry you by now.” I looked at her, trying to decide if I was offended or not, but I let it roll off my back and replied, “Well he’s more than enough man for me, and honestly he takes care of me in ways that work well for the both of us, but other than that Nope, no talks of marriage, but congratulations again.” Some teachers are super nice, and other’s not so much. I just ignore them.

Naturally that got me thinking. Why does a ring need to be a message of statement to life? To others? I mean can’t I buy myself my own ring and leave it like that or does my “special friend” need to get me a ring that he does not want to get all because society demands it? I don’t think so. I want a ring from a man who tells me, “It’s easier to have you with me, driving me crazy, then it is having you apart from me. For some reason we always come back together, and we just make sense when we are together. It is obvious you are the crazy one, and I am the boring one, and we will work together on this life to make it our own.” Like that would make me cry, and happy and it doesn’t matter if he gives me a ring that my cousin made for $10.00 with a simple stone in the middle. It’s mine, it’s us, and it makes sense.

Then again I know I’m staying single, and honestly I no longer care. I’ve got some much going on in my life that for some reason I really seem to be too much for a guy, and also I’m dealing with two jobs and school! I honestly don’t see a man wanting to jump on board with this hot mess of a train to make us legit permanent. I’d love it IF men would realize what they have in front of them is worth the risk and challenge, but that never happens, so when my time with a “special friend” runs out I’ll just be single, making crazy tictok videos about how bad dating life is in Kansas City, and how men seem to be afraid of wanting to make a better life for themselves with someone who could love them vs being alone and never getting laid again.

Let me know what you think.