Funny thoughts

New Style Relationship….You game?

Do you think you could be involved with someone who lives in a different City or State? Let’s remove the ideas of the common idea of “Long Distant Relationships” because your person just lives fifteen or twenty minutes away.

According to new information from Sociology studies there is a new age type of relationship for people who want to be in a relationship, but live in different parts of other cities or states, separate homes, but joint bank accounts. Do you think you could do this? I am sure I wouldn’t do joint bank accounts. I don’t anyone having access to my money that I work hard to obtain.

I often wonder if people could really live like that? I mean I love the idea of having my own space, but also having someone in my life when I want him to be, but he doesn’t have to live with me would be great too. Do I want to be in a solid, reliable relationship? Yes! I’d love to know that I’ve got someone I can call on at anytime or any point of my day and life.

Then again that extra income would be helpful, but at the same time it is great to keep the things separated. I know this all sounds totally strange, but honestly this is something that is on the rise for so many people under the age of 35. Who does this? How does it work? Would you be willing to do this?

I am often back and forth about my relationship ideas, but then again I often get tired of being alone. I sometimes like the ideas of coming home to someone who is happy to see me, but then again I can always get a dog. Then again he won’t help me pay bills. LOL, but he will be loyal and love me not matter what I look like, and is willing to cuddle with me anytime I want.

What do you guys think? Could you imagine being in a “relationship” with someone who lives in a different city, be “married”, and maybe live in different locations (cities/states/minimal distance) would you be okay with living that lifestyle?

Let me know.