Funny thoughts

Closing the Dirty 30 Chapter…New fun, flirty 40 Chapter opens 3/2/2021

I don’t know about anyone else in the world, but I LOVE my birthday. It is usually marked as the greatest day for me.

In the past my mother used to make sure my birthday was always a great one because I was born during a blizzard in Kansas City, but also I share my day with my favorite author, Dr. Seuss. My mom was big on making sure to have special themes for my birthday and when she discovered my love of reading as a child, she started following certain themes with Dr. Seuss, just fun colorful ones that followed me throughout my day.

As I got older, my mom and dad made sure my day was also special with an additional bonus. They would send flowers to my school! The last time I got flowers from my parents was my Senior year of High School in March 1999, and they coordinated the colors of the flowers with the colors of the school, blue and orange. It was the best because I loved where I went to high school.

Now, I am looking at closing my 30’s and I’ve learned so much about life and really about myself as a person, and truly as a woman. What my goals are for myself and my life, and what I hope to achieve going into my 40’s that should have been achieved in my 20’s. Oh well, we all make mistakes in life and sometimes we all take different life paths to get there. At least I never stop fighting for it, and I am so close to it.

I truly am looking forward to my 40’s because in May 2022 I’ll be FINALLY graduating from the University of Kansas with my Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Language, and Creative Writing. I’m working for a School District that will count towards my Masters of Arts Degree so that I can obtain my Teaching License, so that I can have my own classroom one day. I’ve decided that as long as I stay with the school district I am with, I can start teaching the way I want, plus I’ll take the opportunities the district offers to further expand my education as a teacher.

My wish/dream or even hope for my birthday tomorrow is to have flowers delivered to my job, white roses, blue hydrangeas, and white daisies. After work I’d get a nice dinner. To be honest it would be nice if it was at an actual restaurant! LOL!! We shall see.

Alright, my students are finishing up an assignment and I’m done for the day. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and yeah for Sunny days ahead!!