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My Life Updates – Closing an Old Chapter, and Starting a New One

Well 2021 has already been an adventure for all of us, something we had hoped would happen, but in a more positive light. For me things have changed so much that I sometimes feel like I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to catch up, but when I do it is totally worth it.

One of my college courses started on Tuesday, January 19th, so I’ve been working on that class almost every day. I am currently waiting for the remaining three to start in February. That will be super interesting, the only good thing about all of this that I am going through, is I’ve been able to finally get a graduation date for my Bachelor’s Degree in Literature/Language/Creative Writing Degree from The University of Kansas. I was able to get my final remaining Junior courses established, with one extra in the summer. Come April, maybe May I will work on my Senior courses for Fall 2021. To be honest I can not wait and I am beyond excited.

The good thin about this program is I found out that I can obtain my Master’s Degree so that I can teach. The even better part of everything, the program I found is local in Kansas, it is all online, and they count my current experiences with teaching kids now as part of my degree! I can’t wait, I am so excited. I’ll be the first in my immediate family to not only have a Bachelor’s Degree, but also a Master’s Degree and a solid job with a solid foundation. I am looking forward to having a wonderful life as I move towards something better for me.

I’ve realized that now that I am taking a Sociology class based on Marriage and Family, my mind has been moving since I started understanding the ideas of where I truly stand with a relationship, and even the concept of marriage. I always say I would just like to be with someone, but do I want that someone in my space 24/7 365 or do I want them to stay in their own space, and we only get together when we have time? Would that work best for someone? I am thinking that this life of just a simple, none complicated relationship of knowing the Guy is there, we can talk every now and then, and “hang out” every now and then works best for me. I am thinking I’ve put too much energy in the ideas of “You must have someone” when in reality I am just working on myself on a constant daily basis.

What do you guys think? Am I rambling over and over again? I probably am, LOL! It is okay we sometimes have to take several steps forward, and about a million steps back before we truly hold that mirror up to ourselves and own the path we truly want to take. I know my unusual ideas of a relationship aren’t the same for everyone, but honestly that is okay, I am okay with that. I just know that in the end I’ll be happier with my own decisions versus being so difficult and depressing about my life.