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2021 Finally…Now What?

Here we go, 360 days until we get through this year also. What are your plans?

When the start of a New Year comes to play how do you manage? What do you do? Do you make Resolutions or Goals? I think after 2020 everyone is just going to live life not knowing what exactly is going to happen on a daily basis. I know towards the end of the year and the start of this year I did some serious soul searching and also some MAJOR life reflections, and honestly it was really truly depressing.

I never claim to have it all, or even a perfect life. My life is a mess, but it has its good moments, and it has is moments that make me smile for days, weeks even. Then again looking back at 2020 it started with losing my job at the Hotel, not able to get my unemployment because of a situation, then working for a Lawyer, trying to make the best of it, but it wasn’t working out. Due to Covid and all the new lock downs, he let me go. Then not able to get anywhere with finding work, so I went back to what I know and that is working Front Desk for a Hotel Company.

School started in the Fall, and I came across a wonderful opportunity to work for a local school district. Now this seemed like a FANTASTIC opportunity because I would be in a school environment, learn from the teachers who know their career like the back of their hand, and gain some hands on experience with kids. However again due to Covid, we are all remote, no kids in the building, and it’s given everyone the opportunity to have their claws out. Then the reality of what I knew was coming showed its ugly head. The never ENDING situation I CONSTANTLY deal with…..My Finances.

Now this has been a sore subject for a lot of people in 2020, but My Finances have been a sore subject for years for me. Just when I think I’m getting a head, something happens to knock me back down and show me that I can’t have it all, or just a piece of that small pie that I see everyone else my age having in their life. I mean, a solid job, money (some) in the bank, their own place, and their own LIFE. I sat down towards the end of this year and started going over what I’ve lost and what I’ve gained.

I’ve lost a job that paid me $40,000 a year. I’ve gained not having to be on call 24/7, and unreliable staff. The Lawyer job – I gained that I went to school for my Paralegal Degree for nothing. My loss: A worthless Degree. Unemployment, got to spend time with my beautiful nephew and field a ton of calls from bill collectors, then the hotel job came along. There I knew I could work hard, make some hours, and if I work over 40 hours a week I’d get overtime. My loss: The hours and Overtime, never used the Hotel discount anyway always working. New job: School District! Gains: Experience, understanding, FREE Health Insurance and a Retirement Plan. Loss of this job (there are some): some petty co-workers who should know better, and the loss of about an extra 16-20 hours a week, plus the overtime pay.

I started school in August of 2020, even working full time it showed me that I can still stay so focused on what is needed on a weekly basis, but also showed me that I have a long way to go when it comes to patients of understanding. I at least passed, increased my overall GPA, and am so close to getting my oh so important GPA high enough to enter into the Teaching program needed for my degree. I knew I could do it, but I just needed to stop doubting myself.

The key focus of 2020 has now rolled into a key focus for 2021 is my finances. Now I keep a budget, a lesson I’ve learned since having someone to help me and guide me through my mess in 2019, and really all of 2020, but now I’m looking at 2021 and honestly I can’t afford CRAP! I mean I’m looking for as many discounts as possible, trying to negotiate my rent payments to my uncle, trying to figure out how to break up payments of my cellphone, all the while trying to keep my car, buy gas, food, and take care of my cat Oscar. I’ve made some SERIOUS cuts, but I still come up about $400-$500 short every two weeks to make sure every single bill gets paid, that I can have just a little something left over and it hit me so HARD, the loss of that $40K job made a serious impact, but even the loss of the extra hours and overtime from the hotel hit me, and now I’m wondering what I can do, what I need to do. I know getting a part-time job is going to be a must, but making some additional cuts is going to be needed. It’s going to SUCK, but I can’t afford my car tags, my car payment is behind two almost three months, I’ve not paid my Credit Card in 5 months, behind on my loan payment a month, and I’ve got so many outstanding bills. Kind of wondering what I am going to do or how I am going to do it in 2021.

Do you guys have plans? Resolutions? Something? Let me know.