Funny thoughts

When You are Out…

Your not in and never will be

Ever wonder how often one has to be shown that you are not apart of someone’s world? It shouldn’t take too much, but unfortunately sometimes it takes a moment to just look at things and realize that you are seriously not a 1% thought or idea in their head or heart.

You know that when your heart breaks as you read signals, look at the bigger picture of who’s in their circle, when you hoped that you guys would get over all their issues and realize it’s just so much easier to be together than be apart.

How much more of a knife twisting can one person take? You don’t get invited to simple gatherings, you know none of their friends don’t ask about you, or even wonder why you aren’t there with them as a group.

Does anyone know what I mean? Do you know how so many times I’ve wanted to cry knowing that I’m so not important to be introduced, or even thought of as someone important to be apart of someone’s life. Sometimes the holidays make a lot of us think about this stuff, right?

I guess this will be a never ending thing for me. Let me know if you have any idea what I’m trying to say. I know I’d be on my best behavior and polite to people. God, I feel as if I’d be some sad depressing dog that is just looking for acceptance and love.