Funny thoughts

Don’t be dismissive

Walk away now or Stay…your choice

I’m entering into a brand new chapter in my life. The old ones will be officially closed by 11:00 pm tonight. I’ll be saying goodbye to my hospitality life and I couldn’t be happier. I’m entering into the field of Education, I’ll be working with kids and I’m super excited to see where this journey takes me.

Saying that, my professional life is kicking into a better high note, where I know I’ll be successful, but my personal life always seems to take a horrible to nonexistent phase in my life. WHY DO PEOPLE GET UPSET WHEN YOU MATCH THEM STEP FOR STEP IN THE GAME OF LIFE!!!????

Yes, that was totally all in caps, but honestly when someone wants to make relationships so complicated it only begs to ask the question of, why? Do you get some sick pleasure out of seeing other peoples misery because of what you cause them? Do you enjoy seeing how someone wants your attention, but because you’re a jerk you don’t give it? Do you wet your pants on that?

Understanding life is hard enough, why stick a knife in love and kick it while it’s already down? I know this is a never ending topic of discussion when it comes to relationships it’s something that is part of life and I’m always trying to understand it. Then again love is not to be understood, it’s to be felt.

I always say…..Stay if you want, but we are playing this game my way….Go and walk away, but you’ll be back because you’ll meet someone and they will do things to remind you of me and you’ll remember what we had.