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Inevitable Coward

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Ever notice how some people are just cowards? Like they just don’t care what they are doing to someone has some major effects on them. I could never intentionally hurt someone for my own sake, but I will if it means to protect someone I love.

People always take the quiet exit when removing themselves from someone’s life. It’s like they think the person doesn’t realize it at all. Like how do you not see understand that WE know you’ve gone silent in so many ways. One minute your there, and the next minute you’re quiet and have ignored us in so many ways.

I seriously do not understand how or why people do that to others. How does it make sense to you? I guess I see the signs, I pay attention. It’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life the never ending truth of people are there one day and the next day their gone.

The worst part is when they use your life goals and opportunities that you’ve been working so hard for against you. Not in a bad way, no, but in a way of, “Well she’s busy, she’s not going to have time for me, I’ll just exit stage left and totally ignore her, she’ll get the hint.”

I don’t think people really sit back and think of what they do to people, how they treat them, and in reality it shows who they truly are deep down. Someone is never that busy in their lives to ignore someone who’s supposed to mean something, anything to them. It makes zero sense to me.

I say this now. I maybe busy with work and school, but I’m not too busy for people I love and care about. I’ll always make time for them, it’s just not going to be right at that moment, but it will happen. I’m not the type of person to walk away from someone unless I truly need to. The suck part about it is I was truly hoping for a lasting friendship but guess there were other plans, other factors.

What about you guys? Could you just quietly walk away from a friend? Lover? Significant other? Without saying a word??

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