Funny thoughts

Wishes and Wants….


You know that Disney saying, “When you wish upon a Star.” Well honestly I’ve always loved looking up at the night sky and finding the brightest star out there and making a wish. As I’ve gotten older the idea of wishing on stars seems old.

Now with age comes some form of “wisdom” you’d think after everything one learns in life they would be able to stay clear of red flags, people who hurt them, use them, or just ignore them. Unfortunately even the best looking wolf sometimes has the most amazing wool from a sheep.

If I had to break down my wishes it would be simple (can you do it?), my 3 wishes would be to graduate college with good grades, get a good job, and find love. You know that real kind of love, the love where people are just so unbelievably envious over. I want to be that person who’s happy with what’s going on in my life, but know deep down that with the good comes the bad. That’s what always get me….the bad.

The wanting side of my life and brain is so simple and basic. Sad I know, but all I’ve ever wanted was someone who would love me, support me and help me work hard to make our lives together so much better than it could be. Someone who wouldn’t give up on me, but also someone who’s a friend first before being my lover in all the ways one would be.

I do wish that love would wake up some people, but wanting them to realize that life together could be great, a mess at times, but still worth it. Wanting someone to stay in your life should show that person that you value them, their worth to you is more than anything you’ve ever had in your life, but unfortunately not everyone thinks like that.

Why can’t two people have a solid conversation about what they each want? What truly drives them? How life can be better together than apart? Maybe I’m watching too many fairy tales to see that wishing or wanting someone to change isn’t worth all the effort. They truly don’t want to be happy, they want to stay the same. It’s sad, so very sad. Even the Beast got his happily ever after, why can’t I?