Funny thoughts

List and Back burner

How do you deal?

I found my old list. My list of qualities that I am looking for in a man. As I went through my list it never said anything about where I’d be the one placed on the back burner, but I’d definitely never let him feel as if he’s not valued or appreciated.

I realize now on my list that it was one sided. I probably should have been more specific about what I need and what I want. The idea of having someone in my life was key, doesn’t mean we have to live together because I’m realizing that I can’t really handle living with anyone. Maybe it will change as I get older, but I’m starting to lean towards not at all.

Passion, chemistry, fun, laughter, trust, faith, and just knowing that we could hang out together and there wouldn’t be an commands or expectations of each other. I just didn’t want to be ignored. I’m always ignored in a relationship.

I never know what to think or how to feel when it comes to my simple relationship wants. Have you ever felt the pain and frustration of your desires and needs, but never having them fulfilled in even the most simplest of ways?

Do you think there could be someone out there who would totally accept my kind of relationship? Want to create a simple non complicated life with me? Two separate homes, separate bank accounts, and come together like a normal couple who enjoy being at home or going out occasionally? Why does this way of life scare him?

Let me know what you guys think.