Funny thoughts

Fears running your life

When your past owns or stops you

Do you look at your life and wonder if you’ve allowed your past heartbreak and fears that can stop you from moving forward with your life. Do you know how to let it go? Have you even tried?

When we think about our past and how it’s effected us in our present life do you feel like it broke you? Your past? I know parts of me isn’t healed 100%, but I try to let it go and move forward.

Why do we hold onto our past? Why do we allow the past mistakes to hold onto us? Why do we give whatever manipulation that someone else did to us hold us back from living rich fulfilling lives with someone else? I often wonder why someone would want to hold onto what caused them pain or grief.

I definitely do the best I can to let it go, count it as a lesson in life. You know one of many, because we do learn a lot about people with how they treat us. If someone is dismissive then that’s how they are with everyone. If you are part time in every aspect of their lives, then they are that way with others as well.

The worst thing someone can do is hold onto that pain and inflict on someone else, right? I’d never punish someone for the way I was treated by an ex. It’s not his fault they cheated, lied, and stole money from you, it’s something you never punish anyone else over.

How do you heal from it? Is it possible to never heal from certain things that weren’t your fault? Can you help someone heal from it by just loving them from afar? I’d like to think so, but I think it also depends on the person. Do they want to hold onto that pain? Use it as a shield for protection? Use it as a way to make sure they never have to experience the same level of manipulations or lies as before.

What do you guys think? Let me know what you think? I often think that it does depend on the person who was effected by pain, lies, and more, that they can heal, that they can find truth, joy and love in someone else who isn’t like what they had before. It makes sense to me, does it make sense to you?