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My Future Needs, Desires, Wants

Spiritual, Communication, Emotion, and Passion…lots of Passion

When you look at your future do you think about? How do you see it? Do you see working in the career you’ve always dreamed of, maybe having the home of your dreams as well? What about your love life? Do you think about that as well? If you’ve read this blog then you know I focus on all of those things all the time.

A spiritual connection for me is my number one priority. I need a man who’s a believer and a follower of God. I need him to be a good example, but at the same time willing to read the word with me. I am not taking anything less than. I’ve realized that men who are not Christian men are lost souls who are also lost men. They’ve allowed things of their past effect their future in ways that cause more harm than good. Believe me as a believer in God, apologizing for my past is something I’ve come to learn, accept, and really take into account as something I can’t change, but change to make my life better moving forward.

Communication, now this is definitely an area where I’ve struggled the most, just like a Spiritual connection with a man. For some reason their inability to communicate with me about anything…I do mean ANYTHING is frustrating. Why can’t a man tell you what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants???? Why is everything they do a mystery? Why do they close themselves off that way? Obviously I am asking all of these questions for a reason, because I am trying to prove a point. There has to be communication in any relationship to work. To ease suspicion, regret, and pain. Sometimes the other side of communication is also touch, the feel of someone’s hands on you in a loving manner makes all the difference as well.

Emotional connection, because that means your person is willing to be there with you through the good and bad days. That also means that you need to be there for them as well. Be their shoulder, ear, arms, anything they need to know that you are with them 100%. Having that kind of relationship is so important because sometimes when nothings left to be said at the end of the day, just knowing that you can curl up next to someone and be silent is so important. Hopefully that person will be your shoulder as well.

For the final thing, this one I am so big on after finally experiencing a fantastic chemistry with someone it made the physical connection between the two of us work perfectly. I hope to find that again with someone. That feeling of butterflies, smiles, laughter, and day dreams when I think of him, around him, or with him. I want to be in a positive physical relationship with a guy where it makes others a little envious. I want to be able to tell him all my deepest fantasies, we have that type of connection where we can feel it, but still gets me excited in so many ways. Like it would be nothing to make love in the kitchen, living room, hallway, bathroom, and eventually the bedroom (*wink* LOL). Plus if he was to plan something outside like a nice camping trip, then we would be able to have our fun out there too.

As you can see there needs to be a lot of evaluations for everyone. I think people need to be honest with themselves about what they want, how they want things, and what they will not stand for. I want someone who will want to be around, who will want to talk this crazy life with me, and also be patient while I finish my degree, especially now that I’ve changed my ENTIRE Major. I was doing a Bachelor’s Degree to be in the Corporate world, but now I’ve changed it to Secondary English Education. Yes, the world of Education is going to be new to me, it will be older kids, but I’ll also work towards my Master’s Degree to teach Jr. College peoples as well. Nuts I know! Nothing like figuring life out late, right?