Funny thoughts

Three Days…Three Weeks…Three Months Rule

Read this….Does it make sense?

I come across this post as advice often. Basically if you’ve not heard from a person in three days or more then you have the answers you are looking for as to where you stand with them. I’m often told that IF someone truly wants you, then you will be a priority and more in their life. I always wonder about that because honestly is there such a person who would put someone else’s needs before their own?

I remind myself of this so often. Especially now, it’s been weeks since I’ve had any communication with this guy. I’m often told by friends that “It’s his loss.” As I take that in, is it really his loss? Is he going to miss me at all? I highly doubt it because he’s been trying to shake me off him for a while I’ve been the one who’s been holding on and too dumb to let him go. I mean he had 99.9999% of his body out of my life, but gave me that 1% breadcrumb that I devoured which always left me hungry for more.

What I love about this post is that it speaks so many volumes of truth. If you were ever a true priority to someone they would make the time, the effort, the best opportunity to be with you, right? I mean it could be a simple text with a stupid emoji or GIF attached, or random flowers at your home or work. Now when the two of you come together after being apart for whatever timeframe the connection would be amazing, right?

I’ve often wondered why three days? Would one day make any difference? Wouldn’t you be a priority at any point of the day? If your relationship ends why wait three days, why not just not pick up the phone or anything?

I ask stupid questions because honestly you never know who might be too afraid to ask, or who may need actual answers. I honestly understand the three day rule. I mean when you text someone and it takes them hours to text you back no matter what, or a full day to reply knowing they’ve read the message. That right there tells you that you do not matter and definitely do not rake as “important” in their life. You give them what they wanted, all because you don’t want to feel alone, yet at the end of the day you do feel alone. Sucks to think about it, right?

Yeah, I know. I don’t want to think about failed love, relationships, and more because it’s all my mind and heart feels because in the end it’s all I’ve ever known. I am trying my hardest to NOT give my failed relationships and more attention or energy. It’s not worth it. I dream of what it would be like to be loved by someone, truly loved by someone who appreciates me. I mean all those simple little lovey things that I see guys do for their women. That is what I want. The cards, the flowers, the little appreciation things, gifts for Birthday and Christmas only, I hate Valentines Day with a passion, so many bad experiences that’s why.

I guess I want to experience that sickly love that make people nauseous, but it’s normal for the couple. Yet it’s not too much, but just enough. How about you guys, do you any of you feel like that? Let me know.