Funny thoughts

Men are SOOOO Different

Some Men actually want to hold hands

I enjoy working at Hotels, you meet the most interesting people around. I’ve been working at our Extended Stay property, and have been talking to this one guest. I always keep a professional distance because I’m not like some people I’ve known in the past to get involved with guests. The funny thing about Extended Stay Hotel’s a lot of these guys are here for months, some even years I just depends on their work and projects.

I know I can talk to anyone, it’s a gift. I just know to keep myself at a distance so guys won’t get the wrong ideas. However my cousin seems to think that I could be missing out on something. A guy who is a good conversationalist, but not a Christian, I can’t have in my life. I need three key factors for things to workout with someone.

This guy I’ve been talking to here at work, he’s super nice, eight years younger than me, and I know has a thing for Latina women. He cracks me up because he thinks I don’t see that (I do) but every time I am working, he will come by the Front Desk, talk to me, and sometimes he brings me food that he’s made. Now I don’t ask for any of that, he just shares it. It’s cool.

I bring this guy up because yes he’s nice, and I get he needs someone to talk to, and things of that nature, but honestly I’m not wanting to be with anyone like that anymore. I say all of this because he’s shown me that there are some men who are willing to go looking for the right woman. He’s willing to talk to any female to see if he can gel well enough to make something workout. I am not sure why guys like this surprise me at all, but it really does. I guess I’m used to guys who are emotionally cut off from everything. Makes me work for their attention and stuff. This guy isn’t like that at all.

How do you deal with it when you meet someone who’s totally opposite of everything you’ve ever known when it comes to men? I have to stop myself thinking that this is all cool because in the past I’ve seen men who are different to a point, but in the end things fall apart. I can’t be another “booty-call” for another guy. It’s not that simple for me anymore. Do you hope that things will be different the next time around? What do you look for in someone? Are you just looking for a “good time” person? Part Time Lover kind of thing?

I throw this out there because my brain is so very tired of dealing and seeing the same things over and over again when it comes to men, it just feels like a broken record. I wonder if it is at all possible to one day meet the right guy. I guess I am so bad at it my cousin is calling a friend of her’s to enquire if he has any Single, Christian Men who are looking for a good woman. Yeah that is where I am at in my life. Definitely not great for the self-esteem when your own family has to step in to “help” you out. Sucks right. Guess that tells me I don’t know how to pick them. **Facepalm**

Let me know what you guys think. Have you seen the differences? Have you experienced them? Is that what makes your relationship with your special person different than before. Let me know.