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Letting Go, No Anger, Pain, but Kindness. Desire for REAL LOVE…

Letting Go….Deserve and Want LOVE

Ever think that when something ends you’re supposed to have some pain and heartache, right? Now if you don’t have those feelings it could mean a few things. One you were just not connecting with that individual at all, and two it was one of those relationships that worked itself out to the finish line and both of you understand that the longer you held onto it the worse it was going to be. Letting it go isn’t that bad.

When you take stock of what you want, you start to review the things that you’ve told yourself and promised yourself from years past. I know I’ve not kept my promise at all. I’ve got no one to blame or be upset with, but myself. Really truly just myself. I promised no more booty call “relationships”. I had plenty of those in my twenties. No more guys of not knowing what they actually wanted. Yup, failed that one again. Thinking you can change a guy….Yup, yet again messed that one up.

There comes a time when in your heart and mind when you need to let people go. It isn’t to hurt them or yourself, but to free the both of you because honestly if someone wanted something to work they would have put effort in it from the start.

Now, taking stock of the kind of love one deserves brings in all kinds of feelings in my own heart. I am a massive book reader and I honestly feel like Written Words can express so much, and give so many wonderful emotions of love, dedication, and devotion. That’s why I love Romance Novels, something about the way the writer paints a beautiful picture of love with their words. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? I know the simplicity of love is what I ask for.

We take stock into the things we need in our home, careers, health, life needs, and basic things, but why not Love? Take stock into your needs too, right? It probably sounds selfish given the current world climate, but thinking about love is helpful.

My own personal wants and needs are completely different than so many women that I know. Do you know your wants and needs? I think by making that list, making it a point for yourself, then its the first step in making sure you truly know who you are. I know I’ll make room for Love to come into my life and heart, but it needs to be the right kind of love. It needs to come from God. If and when a man comes into my life he needs to fit three key things for me, but also listen to the things I ask for.

Don’t give up on me, just be present, come with me to family things, and someone who wants to go out with me to places with my sisters. I also need someone who’s not going to quit on me. If I am just around him then I’m the happiest when I’m with a guy laying on a couch with him. He could be watching TV while I’m reading a book, or writing. He just needs to touch my arms, play with my hair in a soothing motion, and if I’m writing he can just run his hands up and down my legs.

Is it wrong to think about these things? I ask myself this over and over again, but I totally pray about it all. I know that eventually things will workout with the right guy. If not I can always just have my buddy James step in! LOL!! Not gonna happen.