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The Hardest Goodbye…

How to Finally Let things Go…..

When you say goodbye to someone it comes in different forms. It’s the loss of a friend, lover, family member, and even at times yourself. The hardest thing I’ve learned is letting go of the physical and emotional side of all of it. We’ve all overcome heartache in some form, we’ve all learned from it to make us better, but how would you write your own “Goodbye Letter” to either yourself or to someone else? Let me show you how I’d write it.

This Goodbye is to a Lover: Dear….., I want to say, Thank You, thank you for opening a closed heart the way you did. Showing me that not all men are really the same on the outside, but just a tiny change on the inside as well. In the end I wasn’t enough for you. I wasn’t what you wanted to be with. My hand wasn’t the hand you wanted to hold in this life. No matter where life leads us, your kindness, your laughter, and your ability to be calm to show me how to be calm will stay with me forever, but you have your own way of doing things, dealing with your past and pain, and with no way of letting me into help you, you built higher and higher walls. I wanted to love you, I wanted to show you that even though I am broken, bruised, and overwhelming at times, my heart was yours. My loyalty, trust, faith, and respect was all yours. I hope I’ve made you laugh, shown you that not all women are the same as well. Yes, I am probably more crazier than those you’ve known in your past, but at least I had you for a moment. I just can’t find it in my heart to continue whatever we are. Your never ending ups and downs of not knowing what we are together because you’ve not acknowledged your own issues, blockage, whatever. I pray that you find peace in your heart and in your mind for whatever comes next in your life, and I pray that you appreciate the next woman better because she maybe just as broken, if not worse than I ever was. Just be kind to her, show her your goodness, your kindness, and always take her hand. My best to you in your life, and in your future. I pray for peace and happiness. A piece of me will always love you, but I can’t fully love you anymore. My blessings for a better life. Be well, xoxo Jennifer

This letter shows honest love, intent, no illness towards someone, but the fact that you truly appreciated them for everything they were to you at the time, the small moments, the large moments, and the intimate moments. Never send hateful words to someone, it does nothing for yourself and for them. The hardest part is saying Goodbye to a person you hoped you’d turn into because of their love.

A Goodbye Letter to Yourself. Dear Self, We have been on the most interesting ride of our life. Up to now it’s just been us. You’ve found yourself in a world where you are all alone, but at times found people who are just like you. Keep those who are kind of like you, but make friends with those who are not either. The reason for this letter is to say Goodbye to whom we thought we would be when we welcomed someone new into our world. Guess that person couldn’t hack it. Sad, we aren’t a complicated soul, but an old one. We loved it when we laughed with them, and experienced new things. You’ve known this has to come now before you can move forward in your own life. Closing one book on that love, hoping to open a new book of loving yourself. I mean it’s been us for the longest time prior to anyone else arriving, we can start new alone. Remind yourself to focus on you, your walk, your path, live off faith, live off knowing that you will get through this heartache onto bigger and better things. Never hate someone for breaking our heart, but be thankful that he reminded us that we have one to break. Say goodbye to building those walls up again to protect yourself from ever meeting anyone new, but leave those walls in the past, it’s time, don’t carry them to your new future. Remember God has bigger plans for you than you could ever have for yourself. Just be still, pause, and enjoy this new chapter in your life, you’ve earned it, saying Goodbye to the person who helped make this new chapter start isn’t a sad one, but a happy one. Remember all those broken moments, lonely nights, and tears will be for a better future. One where you can do it, but you will do it without me, your past holding onto you anymore. I plan to live free, to enjoy this new destiny, and to see where it takes me. I thank you past for showing me so much, but also showing me that I can grow and be better. I’ll never forget the lessons you’ve shown me. I just pray I can be stronger in this new adventure that God has blessed me with. I’ll pray often, and smile through it all. Life is going to be better. Love you always xoxo Self.

Saying goodbye to your old life isn’t sad, it hurts, but it’s a moment to reflect and think about where you want to go and who you want to be in your future. Let all the old stuff die off. Let the old heartache go, saying Goodbye to that is hard, but when you’ve hit nothing but roadblocks it’s time to move on.

Have you ever written a “Goodbye” letter to anyone or even yourself? You can feel it in your heart as you write it. I know right now my heart is feeling very heavy, I can feel it breaking apart from the inside. Knowing me I’ll probably just go back to my room, take a small nap, but find comfort knowing that when I wake up I’ll be just fine.

What about you? Could you do it? Could you be honest with yourself emotionally and spiritually? It makes a huge difference. Think about it friends. Pray about it too, because in the end that’s all that matters. I want everyone to think about it, say Goodbye to things, people, issues, that are no longer relevant in your life, but stay true to yourself.