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Broken Love can be Amazing Love

It can happen….right?

As a book reader I come across books that touch my heart, and my soul. It isn’t often that one reaches deep into my core. I remember how I felt when I first picked up “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austin, or “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte, or even “Sense and Sensibility” those stories opened my eyes to so many things, but also touched my young heart.

Naturally Mr. Darcy stuck with me because after seeing Mr. Colin Firth as “Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy” the love for that character deepened so much. Matthew McFadden just helped solidify that when the revised movie version came out. Colin came out of that water, and Matthew walked across the field in the early morning dawn, just make my heart swoon even deeper.

A new author has come into my life by the name of Sylvian Reynard. A wonderful man from Canada, who keeps his identity a complete secret. He created this amazing world of two broken souls “Gabriel” and “Julia” who find real love, true love with each other. Please keep in mind that neither of them are perfect by any means. Mr. Reynard does not write his characters like that. It’s absolutely refreshing.

When I read these books, I realized I found pieces of myself inside both of them because one was looking for his soulmate, while the other was just looking for that real love that isn’t going to hurt her, cause her pain, or break her heart. Funny how two damaged people find peace and real love together.

These books are the reason why I continue to write about love. Plus my never ending need to find someone who is willing to stick around with me, and want to be with me, but the fact that we can all relate to some form of their brokenness is the goal. The connection any reader needs to be sucked into the words on the page. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

I dream of a love where he won’t be the answers to my prayers, but will definitely be a God send because he’s there with me, walking next to me, protecting me, and loving me with all my broken pieces and still find it exciting to discover new things about me, and us as a couple. Isn’t that the kind of love we all dream of or am I the only one? If I am, I am not surprised.

The movie for this book came out Friday May 29, 2020 on Passionflix. I recommend reading the books first, and then watching the movie. Now its only part one, so as I realized it’s only 14 chapters of the first book, but part 2 should follow later this summer. As I watched this movie I found myself laughing, smiling, my heart aching, and also crying. I mean just crying like crazy. The two actors who brought “Gabriel” and “Julia” to life did a fantastic job, their chemistry shows through the TV, just as it did in the books.

I have a small list of movies and books that touch my heart and soul together that just stay with me forever. I always recommend them to people. You can read them and then watch the movie after. I promise it will make a difference for you as well.

My dream has always been to write that great novel, and make it a series where it touches someone’s heart and soul just like Jane Austin, and Sylvian Reynard did for me. Do you guys have any books that do that for you? Have they been turned into movies, were the movies worth it or were they just a total let down?

What do you guys think? Let me know.