Funny thoughts

Dream Lover…..

When you have to stop and think about your dream guy.

The last few days, really the last few months of a “Dream Guy/Lover”. I hear women that describe their “Soulmate” or “Dream Guy” I can say I have one, but not by his looks, but by his personality, and also by the way he treats me.

I haven’t really ever focused on the way a guy looks because what I see as attractive will not be the same for everyone, and honestly I am okay with that, but I’ve been pretty fortunate in that area when it comes to guys and their looks. It all falls down to emotional.

My “Dream” guy would be a guy who can cook, who loves animals, doesn’t mind not having kids. If he’s got his own then that’s cool too. He loves lazy days, but also likes being around family. Now my lazy days consist of a variety of things. Relaxing at home, he watching TV, reading a book to me, or running his fingers along my feet, legs, and or hair. It all depends on how I am sitting or laying next to him. The physical connection.

If I had to design a perfect night at home with my guy it would be. Dinner, then relaxing in front of the TV watching a show or movie. My head on his lap while he gently ran his fingers through my hair. After a while I’d get up, curl up next to him, and just be totally relaxed. When it was time to go to bed, well if we were both in the mood, then some major lovemaking. In the morning we would wake up, he’d go make coffee. We’d both wake up little by little and start getting ready for the day. Sitting in the kitchen we would drink our coffees, eat breakfast, and read our newspapers. After all of that we would just let the day take us wherever it needed to.

A dream date with this guy would be a simple one. A nice restaurant that can accommodate food allergies, and a walk after, and maybe just maybe a bookstore. We can just relax eating ice cream.

The physical connection, the fact of knowing he’s there with me. We can make it through anything. I know I can lean on him for being there emotionally, physically, and also spiritually would make our relationship so strong that with it just being the two of us just so amazing.

Have you ever thought about your “Dream” significant other? Have you taken stock in that at all? Being realistic for a moment, please keep in mind that these ideas are just that. They don’t cost a lot of money to be this kind of man, but definitely heart. Being with someone who just wants to be there with me, as much as I’d be there with him is important. I’m not saying that life is easy, nothing ever is, but when it’s worth something then two people can make it.

Let me know what you all think, have you ever thought about these things, and also what would you look for in someone? Because honestly I’m so sick and tired of being nothing but a F*k Buddy, and not seen as a woman worth making a life with.