Funny thoughts

Real Love….Real Men…What is that?

Is this really possible?

Have you ever thought about the meaning of “Real Men”, “Real Honest Love” and asked yourself is it real or just a fairytale you are sold as a child?

I am starting to wonder if Love like all my friends an family have told me even exist. I mean I see it when I see them together with their significant other. I see the way the guy looks at her, the way he smiles at everything she does. The cute little nicknames he calls her, the way they understand what is being said silently.

Each one of my friends tell me that a Real Man wants to help you fight your battles, they will stand next to you, hold you up if needed, and encourage you to keep going. Their kind of love is also a peaceful kind, sweet, but honest. No games, lies, and also finding their way to argue with each other without hurting each other’s feelings. A friend referred to it as a Lover’s Tango. Connected, hot, steamy, but trusting all at the same time. I mean in the Tango the woman has to trust that her male partner has her, he’s not going to drop her, let her fall, but will maintain that passion and heat to keep the steps going because he is in the lead after all. When she said that to me, it made sense.

I truly wonder if that kind of love I see between two people is even something for me? I know I crave it, I know I’d make a good girlfriend, who would eventually be a wife, yet I’ve not met anyone who is willing to meet me half way. I don’t go into any relationship with the idea that I’m going to instantly start a life with him, but just to see how we do after a few years. Please keep in mind that I always go back and forth with the idea of marriage and living with someone who isn’t my overweight cat Oscar. The idea of sharing my bed, kitchen, living space, and more with a Man gives me some serious pause mentally and emotionally. The last time I tried that it ended so unbelievably horrible took me out of the “dating” seen for about ten years. Yet I’ve not given up some sense of Hope that one day I would be painting walls with a guy, and helping pick out flowers, or patio furniture. That idea makes me smile on the inside.

It’s that saying, “I can see it, but I can’t touch it.” I see love between two people clearly, but I just can’t see it for myself. I sometimes wonder if two people who are meant for each other, do they find their way back? Do you believe that? If one is willing to work things out, then why can’t the other person figure it out? Why can’t they make themselves be the person they could be? Maybe they can be, but don’t want to be with you is true.

Why do men have double meanings when women do not? If a woman tells you something it’s truth, but when a Man speaks there is always a double meaning to their words? Don’t they know it messes up with a person’s psyche. I’m often told that when the right man comes into my life I’ll know it. I’ll forget about all the bad guys in my past, and that this guy would be exactly what I’ve been praying about. Then again I think God wants me to focus on Him and my Life. It feels like parts of my life come to fruition and my love life has always suffered in some serious way.

How can you describe love? Are you capable of giving someone hope in the idea that Love is real? How do you give someone hope in ever finding love when they’ve had nothing but bad luck? If anyone has any advice let me know.