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Men vs. Boys….the differences

Can you spot the differences between a Man vs a F’K Boy in relationships?

I often ask myself if anyone can spot the differences when it comes to men? I know as a woman we can definitely spot the differences in women. Such as who is a real woman going out there hustling vs who is just a woman of the streets (if you know what I mean). What are the signs you look for? Can you even see them when they are happening?

I go over this in my head often, probably more than I want to at my age, but it’s apparent all I seem to find in my life is F’k Boys when I am looking for a Real Man. I am starting to wonder if they even exist. I mean the idea of a “Real Man” seems to be something of a Fairytale, like a cute bedtime story you are told as a little girl letting you know that it is possible, but only to the lucky few. Trust me when I say this, a Real Man has definitely walked right past me or ignored me and went towards someone else. Guess I’m not worth their time.

A F’k boy is that, a boy posing as a “Man”. He doesn’t know who he is or what he’s all about. Now some do know who they are, but are incapable of forming real emotions or feelings for someone they are wanting. Yet they don’t want the “commitment” life when we all know the meaning commitment means something different to everyone. A guy like this always has double meanings in his words, text messages, and also hasn’t taken stock into their pain, lack of trust, and seems to know how to play the “Man” role so well, but hates when they are found out because all of a sudden it is the woman’s problem not theirs.

When it comes to a “Real Man” I can honestly say these men is a breed I am not familiar with. I’ve never been with a guy who is willing to take my good days and bad, and just be there with me. I see that there are really good men. I’ve been around them because their wives are so unbelievably happy, and to be honest they don’t have to worry about them at all. These men take the responsibility of so much, but at the same time they are willing to share in the relationship duties. I am basing this information on things I’ve read, and also my friends who are completely happy, in love (still), and just love being with their guy. It’s like something about their man just gives their heart a sense of peace that I am so not familiar with. When I look at those men it shows that Fairytales are not all lies.

Can you tell the difference? Could you tell the difference? What would you do if you ever met the right guy? What would your requirements be for him? Do you pray for one? Have you made a list for yourself as a woman to show him that you are really worth it?

I’ve made my list for myself as a woman, but I’ve also made a list for a man. I don’t require much from him, and I know God will know that, but at the same time I know God is also laughing at me. I found the best picture of Jerry the Mouse meme.

Story of my life

Let me know what you all think. Any outside advice is helpful.