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Love, Lust. Why can’t they function together?

Can Lust turn into Love? Can they be carried into the relationship?

Can lust and love work together in a real relationship setting? What I mean is, if the two of you are so deeply in love with each other, and are honest about yourself, could the lust you have for each other work to make the relationship better, deeper, unbreakable?

Think about that. I mean truly take time to think about it because honestly every Erotic/Romance novel I’ve ever read the two main characters are obsessed with each other sexually, but also mentally. Like the sex is just as important to them as intellectually.

Do You think you’d be able to handle a relationship like that? Honestly I’d love to have a relationship with a guy who was so deeply in love with me, just as he was deeply in lust for my body. I’m sure that makes you scratch your head like Why? It would be totally different than the failures that I’ve had. Yes, there have been so many and lessons along the way, but I think it would be amazing to have that type of connection with someone.

What would you do if you had someone like that in your life? I’d probably have to set some ground rules. No Pet Names, I’m not five. I decide how I dress, or my makeup, and don’t dictate my work or family. Other than that we will be great. Could you set ground rules? Would you be able to take his rules, listen to them, and respect them?

I sometimes think that we mix those two words up, Lust & Love. We are taught that having Lustfull feelings for someone that we are not deeply in love with, or plan to make a future with them is a major sin to life, God, and your body over all. Yet, the meaning and word Love is overly used and even abused so many times that it leaves someone so heartbroken, or even left out, alone, and just mad at the world.

I’m sure a lot of you will read this and wonder if I’ve lost my mind, but stop for a moment and think about it because many couples face the dilemma of losing that “It” factor in their relationship, like it’s gone stale, or even it’s “Mojo Baby”. What would you do to have both in your life?

Honestly I think it would be so unbelievably amazing and just one of those things where the relationship was just so real, and both of us would never have to worry about one cheating, lying, or something like that. The level of comfort and acceptance, TRUST between the two of you would be out of this world, right?

Let me know what you think because as much as I “hold” onto the ideas of “Love” I want him to have “Lust” for me as well, and just not be able to get enough of me, or us as couple. I think it would be a new idea brought to life instead of just novels.

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