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Ladies, have you ever reached a point in your life where sometimes it’s just easier to live life alone vs having a man in your life? I am sure men think the same way, but unlike them we think with our actual brain vs the little brain.

I have always said I am not going to mess with any man who is younger than me because I don’t have time to potty train. A man my age is still figuring out what his manhood is still for, but an older man there is just something different about them.

I’ve learned with older men that not only are they potty trained, but their “training” days are all done and over with. Their previous keepers did all the hard work and if you don’t complain enough or everyday then you get to reap the benefits of their wheels being off the bike.

They clean up after themselves and depending on if they want to keep a relationship with you they are fantastic to have around. I mean I hope to catch and pin one down especially if he doesn’t want kids, or is okay with the fact that I am currently in school, and fighting for a life of my own.

I also think that depending on the guy no matter how old they are, they still hold onto something that broke them that stops them from wanting to even try to be with someone who would love them through their issues. I mean not like a “healer” but it can happen.

I think as I grow as a woman I will definitely stick with men who are ten to fifteen years older than I am. I know I can’t be with someone younger than me, and honestly the guys my age are a joke.

Yet trying to figure out if your going to be constantly on the back burner of someone’s life is always a crap shoot, right?