Funny thoughts

Silent Treatment…

When it causes more harm than good.

Have you ever experienced the silent treatment? It sucks, right? I mean the person who you love isn’t speaking to you at all. Maybe it’s just a relationship that you are in, and honestly you are not sure what is going on because the two of you are just figuring things out, I mean you could be a new couple. That person is giving you the silent treatment. How do you handle it? Do you put up with it?

I often wonder why someone does that to another person. It’s like they get some type of enjoyment out of it, or something when it causes the other person pain. Do they enjoy it mentally? Does it give their body or mind some type of strange endorphins?

When it comes to the other person if you are not familiar with it, it causes mental and emotional pain. Mentally the silence is bigger than they could imagine or comprehend. It seeps into a space in their already empty life that was left open for a reason that they are still trying to figure out as well.

That was emotional pain, as far as physical pain, the person who is in the receiving end of the silent treatment their body does some strange things. All they want to do is stare at the phone, hoping that their person will call or text them. They get very tired, and all they want to do is sleep. I mean sleep. No getting up for the bathroom, feeding themselves, or having anything to drink because they think that they did something to this person to receive the silent treatment and now they feel like they need to punish themselves in some way.

It breaks my heart when I see couples giving each other that type of treatment. It is beyond disappointing and breaks my heart. I’m a talker, I will talk to my person until he gets annoyed (doesn’t take long) but still let him know that there is no way we will not talk about any of this. We have to clear the air, plus it’s the only way any good makeup sex is going to happen.

Why does anyone do that to a person that they are supposed to care for or even love? Have you ever done that to someone? Are you hiding secrets and using the silent treatment as a form of keeping your secret?

Let me know what you all think.