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Caronavirus, Relationship & Life

Will the Virus reveal more than we all expect?

Life today has changed so much for all of us, but at the same time it’s revealing more than most expect for a lot of us who are single, unknown relationship status, and even self discovery revelations as well.

I really hope that everyone has been able to make time to do some meditation. Yoga, writing, walking around your neighborhood (if you can) adopt a dog or a cat to help fill the silent void. That kind of new adventure that you were never sure about until now.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research about different types of men, and really reading about how some men who “strung-women” along kind of things that became relevant since this stay at home order.

Most of my articles have been about men who’ve gotten divorced, how long some take to find a good relationship after their failed marriage. It’s apparent that men go through different levels of emotions and mental growth so they could see that they deserve love that is different this time around vs their last one.

It’s been interesting because it’s evident men develop and establish relationship preferences at different times. It’s easier for them to find a woman to sleep with, but it’s harder for them to realize that they have met the right one for them, but at the same time hold onto all their fears and project them onto her in hopes she will be like his Ex-Wife and she will leave. It’s crazy, right? Why would they do that when she’s the right one for him? What a strange concept. Again an on going issue for me.

Yet the other article I read today was about how a woman realized her “boyfriend” who was 30 minutes away wasn’t talking to her daily while they were stuck staying at home during this pandemic. He put her on pause while they were physically apart, not willing to speak with her, text her, or anything. The relationship guru guy Matthew Hussey found that interesting, but he had to put her into place by giving her some information of what’s going on and how to deal with it. End the “relationship” and move on from there, pointing out that if a man was truly into you, he’d go out of his way to show you even through this pandemic. Naturally she broke down, and I did too, because we all want someone to remind us that we are not alone in this relationship and situation.

Which situation are you in? I’m often back and forth within my own life. I know I crave love, but also crave my freedom. Just trying to get my heart to remember that sometimes when I know I’ve got time, and that I can make time for love. Why can’t love make time for me?

Let me know what you guys think?