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Political Differences and Relationships

Why is it one way or no way?

I often think that with today’s political climate that people put too much emphasis on meeting someone or having someone who thinks the exact same way that they do. Wasn’t their individuality the reason you started liking them in the beginning?

To be honest I am not shy about where I stand politically. I am a dying breed of Moderate Democrat. That means we need to take care of our Veterans, elderly, sick, and poor. We need to figure out a way to help those out of poverty, that means change up this idea of trickle down economy, it’s obvious Ronald Regan got it wrong, it’s broken this country. Fix this broken corrupt healthcare system, along with our immigration system needs a major overhaul as well. Now if someone is a responsible gun owner, keep your guns, but let’s work together to figure out a way to get the guns off the streets so we can all be safe, my final point is, you will not dictate my body to me, you do not live in my shoes or understand how my body functions or take away my rights to either have a child or not have a child. I’ve made the choice to not be a mother and honestly I am happier about it, but I’m good with supporting those women who want to be mothers but who are struggling.

Now that I got that out of the way. I really feel that people who are in the dating world are looking for someone who thinks just like they do, not saying that is bad, but honestly if they are different from you why is that a bad thing? Why can’t two people have grown conversations about life, that does include politics. Why is it all or nothing?

I can see how meeting someone who shares your political ideals, but what if they don’t share your family lifestyle ideas? Do you not even continue with the relationship? Why is it all or nothing? Can’t someone have different ideas or opinions about life than you? What if they are of a different nationality? Do you stop looking at the person, wanting to talk to them, wanting to have some type of relationship with them because of those differences?

Now I come from a large family, I mean really large family. Some guys are good with that because they come from the same background as I do, now what if you meet someone who doesn’t come from that type of background or world, what do you do? Do you not continue with the relationship or do you just walk away? What if you miss out on a great love and new ideas of family. Think about it, because honestly it breaks my heart when someone isn’t willing to look at a possibility of a larger family as a good thing. It’s like they don’t even want to try to get out of their shell or norms to experience a new level of life. Because honestly that is what it will be.

As for political differences if two people can manage to have grown up conversations with each other without it turning verbally abusive, or down right abusive then you are okay. I think having differences are great, I mean some couples are religiously different as well from their background. I grew up catholic, grant it part time catholic, but catholic nonetheless. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that this type of religion didn’t fit me anymore, it wasn’t working for me. I found a new church that opened my eyes and really opened my heart to a new life and the word of God. I just feel like people are doing too much when it comes to relationships and life.

What ever happened to differences beings good thing? I mean being opened minded about life and making your own world together works, right or am I living in a dream world where two people who come from different backgrounds can work out.

Let me know what you think.