Funny thoughts

Distancing yourself

What’s it gonna take?

I sometimes wonder what it’s gonna take for a man to see that the right woman is there in his life? I know men have half a brain, and run on the side of using their lower extremities for thinking. I’ve realized it takes time for them to grow up, but do they really?

Ever wonder if they literally run away from women who are the right ones for them, I mean the woman who can irritate them, make them laugh, can keep them entertained for different reasons. Some fun, and some super fun.

When a man meets his “match” what happens to them internally? I mean do they get this feeling deep inside, they have a strange connection and need to make her happy? Be with her all the time? Things like that.

If someone could please let me know if or when that happens, it’s something I’ve always wanted to know because I feel like I’m missing something. Like how can I miss it too when they struggle just like women do. The only difference is women can express ourselves in so many ways. I mean our words, language, and our body. Is that how men express themselves too?

Let me know if you have any idea. I’d appreciate it.