Funny thoughts

Sometimes I wonder about men…

When your being ignored.

I sometimes wonder if in the end all men are truly the same? Like they get what they want from a woman, and ignores them because they are tired of them. I’ve seen men do this to women my whole life, my father, but now I’m thinking I’m falling into the same trap and cycle that he put out to those women.

What I mean is he would give them just enough attention, maybe his time, but never too much because he had to keep his distance because he had someone else on the side. Now that woman was what he wanted for the moment, but he soon realized that she wasn’t enough or like the one he dangled on a string. I mean he always had one maybe two he’d play with on a constant basis.

Why do men do that? Why do they think it’s still okay to play the role of the aging Gigolo? Don’t they realize it’s not cute or attractive? It’s not like the women won’t find out about each other.

I think that is why I am on their radar. Like they can find me or even smell the desperation of wanting “attention” and needing “affection” to feel like he is “gifting” me with his presence. Isn’t it tiresome to feel like that? To be in that mindset? To make someone feel as if they are nothing to you only to make them feel like they are something special, then to discard them as if they are nothing.

To be honest a man like that will never find true happiness. He will end up just like my father in a marriage that he is not himself, everything is controlled, and dictated to. She will tell him that he’s happy because she will give him what he thinks he needs because she gave him the one thing he was looking for, Financial Independence, but only at the beginning. She will break his spirit, she will break everything he was that made him a man, and he will never be able to live the life he wanted because his “owner” will tell him that’s not good enough.

The sad part about all of this is that man will look back and realize that he did have a good woman who was trying to love him for who he is, his spirit, the thing that made him special. That’s the sad part about men and when they reach a certain age. I’m realizing that as men get older and hit a certain part of their life they play these games, thinking they can get away with it, but in the end it will cost them true happiness and peace.

I want you guys to think about it. Truly think about it.