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Social Distancing & Relationships

I’m often wondering if it’s safe at all for people to even bee around one another with the current pandemic? Stupid question I know, but would you risk it to be with someone for just a moment? To have a little human interaction that would mean so much to you?

I ask because my current job has gotten me a bit uncomfortable with the idea of ever being around people at all. There are five individuals who have the Covid19 virus, plus other health issues, and to be honest the amount of constant disinfecting that we are doing still gives me pause to be around anyone at all. It’s driving me a bit crazy.

I fully understand that I am crazy enough with just life, but working overnights doesn’t help because it takes your whole life and flips it upside down in a way that messes with your psyche. You have zero life, the ability to see daylight, or feel safe to be around anyone who isn’t infected brings a sense of fears into my mind.

I know I shouldn’t have these fears, but honestly it’s really hard not to. I’m starting to get to the point of ordering my supplies and groceries online and have them delivered, making sure I keep a glove in my car when I have to get gas, then quickly wash it.

Why is this so complicated? Why does this make life so difficult. It makes me feel as if I’m a total shut in physically, but now mentally and emotionally. It SUCKS!!!!

How is everyone doing? Please let me know. I wouldn’t be working, but unfortunately my previous job (Law Firm) had to close the door. Small Business financial situation came to head. Now I’m working in a field that I never ever had any desire to be apart of – Memory Care Facility for the elderly. I’m handling it okay, but to be honest I’d rather be home doing something else than this.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe. Be well friends and please stay home if you can.