Funny thoughts

What’s it going to take?

Do you ask yourself what is it going to take for someone to wake up and see that you care for them as a person and not as an opportunity?

Do you struggle with trying to show someone who you consider to be slightly better than you in so many ways, that despite all your bad decisions, crazy ways, and just overall random outbursts are a good thing, and not some need to be medicated?

I wonder what is it going to take for that person to see you as someone they would want to spend their life with. Like take the walls down because unlike you, I’m not planning on hurting you. I just want to show you that letting me love you could be worth something than this complicated mess that we are.

Do you think that person will ever see it? Are they too stuck in their ways to see it? Who is their person? Do they have one somewhere else and you don’t even know it. I often think that about men. Like he’s got someone else who gives him what he needs, but loves to play with me because I’m just too stupid to see that I’m so not what he wants, but I’m still so much fun to play with kind of thing.

I’m trying not to think like that, but it’s so difficult. Why do we do that to people? Why do we make them feel like they are a burden? How do we break free from that?