Funny thoughts

Hurt Feelings….it happens

Do you ever wonder if someone is deliberately trying to hurt your feelings in every way possible? Being silent, cold, emotionless, and just looking down at you? I ask because I really wonder if someone can take the knife out and stop twisting it. Just let me bleed out.

I sometimes wonder if people get off on the pain they inflict on others. Like it’s part of a perk they feel. Like an adrenaline rush through their veins. Does that make sense?

I know I joke, I know I’d never hurt someone just for fun. I don’t have the ability to be cruel to someone unless they deserve it. I mean I make an exception with my biological father, but if you are not him then you are totally okay.

If you understand what I am saying then maybe you need to step back and think about how your ways hurt others and eventually hurt yourself. When you are cold emotionally to someone who just wants to love you, it hurts and hits them in ways you don’t think about because your selfish and only think about yourself.

Make it a goal friends to make sure you never make someone feel as if they are not worth something to you.