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Odd Couples

Have you ever looked at two people and wondered “How are those two together?” I sometimes wonder about that myself. It’s like one of them is the “pretty, successful, and far more put together” while the other one is the “hot-mess”. I mean we are seeing many of them all through out the world now, right? I mean celebrities are in that boat of being seen as “odd couples” and us looking at them scratching our heads.

I always knew I’d be in a relationship where it would be seen as the “Odd” one because I’m the “Hot-Mess” one in the relationship. Laugh because honestly I do. I know I’m the one who is a screw up in some form. I knew I’d be with someone who was just a calm, cool, collected individual who has his crap together, but he knew that I was still a good person no matter what.

Have you ever wondered what it was about the two of them that got them connected in the first place? What was it? Then you just sit back and watch them because you realize that they have this amazing strange connection. Do you think it’s that strange connection that they have that keeps them together? I honestly think it it, because when you touch their hand, laugh with them, have sarcastic conversations with them, you end up just having so much fun together.

If two people who are “odd couple” type of quality do you think they try to replicate that special connection? I mean I noticed it in a few movies I am watching tonight at home. I mean yes they are all chick flicks, but to be honest it’s always the off the cuff guy who gets the girl in the end. I mean in the movie, “Fools Rush In” Matthew Perry’s character Alex Whitman is a total geek and ends up with Salma Hayek’s character Isabel Fuentes. I mean geek/workaholic white guy, and a super hot curvy Latina with a large family and is spicy.Β  If you have seen that movie then you know what I am talking about, if not please watch it.

What about you, have you ever been in a relationship and been categorized as the “Odd Couple”? I think it’s funny, and two people trying to create that special connection. What do you all think? Let me know it’s pretty funny, a night full of odd couple type movies.

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